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To Overseas Clients:
 “ Buy From China ”  --- your best choice !
In order to compete in today's fast growing market, you need to have the powerful competitive edge.

Our methods for sourcing , clarifying, and development of new items can save your precious time without compromising the high levels of quality you expect, so that you stay ahead of the competition. We are your eyes and ears in China.
We are your partners from the moment as we start to work together.
We are your agent in China !
Buy From China Global Sourcing Agency,Inc. (B.F.C) is an American based company with branch office in China. It has been running its business in the United States for more than 4 decades.
B.F.C. covers all your quality assurance needs.
From the regulation of quality of raw materials, assemblies, products and components as well as management, production and the inspection process, we are committed to providing what you, the customer, require and deserve.
Our mission is to add a global perspective to your company without compromising the quality of your goods, as well as your precious time and money.
Globalization is no longer a strategy just for large corporations. It's appropriate for small to medium-sized companies that want to profit in this competitive business world. Having a global strategy does not mean that every company should have branches all over the world in order to survive.
It means adding a global perspective to your company's direction today.
We are your branch in China!
Our goal is to eliminate the need for travel to China by offering you more alternative.
We will source the products you are seeking quickly, efficiently and reliably, while acquiring them at competitive prices. We will ensure that your supplier understands your needs and meets your demands.
Just tell me what you want to buy, we can do it for you!
To: Chinese suppliers

B.F.C. is committed to the promotion of Chinese high-quality products to the foreign buyers. On behalf of foreign buyers, we deal with the Chinese supplier. We help to promote the Chinese products to enter the international market and get stable orders.

On behalf of our foreign guests, but we do not involve the exchange of funds, all the payment will be made directly to the supplier’s account. The foreign buyers will pay us a certain percentage of each transaction, we called the "commission." Because we are doing for them.

Therefore, B.F.C is not only foreign guests representative in China, also the supplier’s partner. We work together with the suppliers in order to come to the successful completion of the deal.

Just give me what you can offer, we can do it for you!
Karl  Liu/ Project Manager

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